Friday, September 8, 2017


GEMA Conf Call notes:
Per Director Bryson of GEMA - Gov Deal may increase # of counties in State of Emergency declaration.
NHC - middle GA will see anywhere form 3-6" of rain, winds at 40 mph+ embedded in rain bands.
DOT - US 19 out of FL - usual traffic is 300 vehicles/hour, seeing flow of 1982/hr now.
I asked about fuel supply. I was told that there is sufficient supply. The hold-up is in distribution. Delivery trucks are tied up in traffic in getting additional fuel supplies out to stores.
We do not have any shelters open in Upson County at this time. Shelters in metro areas of Macon and Columbus will be maxed out before outlying areas are pulled into service. Cots and shelter personnel are in short supply. Any churches that open "Good Samaritan" shelters for evacuees, please let Upson EMA know if you do, and how many persons are housed there. "Good Samaritan" shelters are exactly that, and receive no funding for reimbursement of expenses, nor are they covered by any Red Cross or Govt liability.
My best advice is to prepare for a heavy rain event. The possibility of power outages exists as lots of rain and wind gusts will bring down trees and power lines. If you encounter a flooded roadway, do NOT drive through flood waters. Turn around and go another way.

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