Wednesday, May 24, 2017


The tax commissioner's office will be filing FiFas (tax liens) on June 1st which will include any unpaid 2016 taxes on real and personal property. Unless you've already made arrangements with the tax commissioner's office to settle you past due tax bill, these delinquent taxes have been turned over to a collection agency and a tax lien will be recorded in the clerk's office. Delinquent taxpayers are urged to come in and settle your tax bill to prevent a tax lien from going against your property. This tax lien will not only go against your credit, but any past due taxes that go unpaid can result in wage garnishment, a bank levy, or your property being sold at a tax sale. Tax sales have already been scheduled for August 1st, Sept. 5th, and Oct. 3rd., with a mobile home sale scheduled for Dec. 5th.

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