Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Trice Case Jury Presentment Possibly Delayed

State Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine told reporters several weeks ago that the case against Upson County commissioner Sandra Trice would be presented to the August term of the Upson County Grand Jury. However District Attorney Scott Ballard told TGA news Thursday, he’s unsure at this time.

Trice Search Warrant 018 Commissioner Trice, whose family owns Trice Funeral Home, is accused of selling insurance without a license and Ballard has requested the state Attorney General’s Office handle the case due to the possibility of a conflict of interest. Ms. Trice votes on the district attorney’s annual budget request in Upson County. Ballard stated that his office has not received a reply to the request.

Investigators from the state Insurance Commissioner’s office, the Secretary of State’s office and the Georgia Bureau of Investigations raided her home and business to collect documents after they received complaints from the public the business was allegedly taking advantage of the elderly.

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  1. Whatever happened to an indictment of Sandra Trice in this mess? Are we sweeping another one under the rug in our little town?