Friday, April 24, 2020

Upson Has The Highest Infection Rate In Middle Georgia

The Georgia Department of Health compiles the confirmed number of COVID-19 cases each day and reports the results online. One of the statistical comparisons that the data includes is the infection rate per 100,000 residents in each county. This produces a comparative number based on how many confirmed cases the county would have if each county had an exact equal population.

As of noon Friday, Upson county's rate was the highest in the middle Georgia area at 721.3, Lamar county was 165.1, Pike county was 195.6 and Spalding county was 212.

The Upson county rate is higher than Fulton at 227 even though Fulton has the highest number of cases in the state. Dougherty county is more than double that of Upson at 1592.2. Randolph county with a population of just over 6,800 has the highest rate at 2212.8.

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