Thursday, April 23, 2020


The positive cases here in Upson County continue to rise. Per the Governor’s most recent order, starting tomorrow, April 24th, certain businesses previously closed will presumptively start to reopen at the discretion of their owners.

Other businesses will start reopening beginning next week.

These openings will not resemble operations as they were pre-COVID. The Governor has released 20 criteria that must be followed to maximize safety to staff and patrons as a condition of reopening. The criteria may be found on the City of Thomaston’s website and Facebook page.

The shelter in place order remains in effect until the end of April. The City of Thomaston would like to petition, urge, and reiterate to all citizens, to use their best judgement, adhere to safety precautions, and follow all previous guidance from the CDC and Health Department. Continue to social distance, stay home when practically possible, and be courteous to your fellow citizens. We are one community and depend on the actions of all to ensure public health.

The City will continue to provide services and guidance where prudent to our citizens, however the Governor’s Order has preempted local Ordinances and actions of the governing body. This means that as a local government we can not enact more stringent measures or alter in a more lenient fashion the Order from the Governor. We urge you, be smart and be safe

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