Friday, April 24, 2020


While the state feels we now have capacity to care for the sick we know that our capacity here in Upson is at capacity. I would encourage our faith based leaders to be VERY CONSERVATIVE as we begin our journey to return to normal. I would hope that they would continue online and parking lot services for a bit longer as a way to aid our health care professionals and protect everyone.

Gov. Kemp called me last night returning a call I made to him Wednesday I wanted to make sure he heard from me personally regarding our situation with C-19 here. He made sure I knew that he wanted to hear how things were going here as things progress and change. He's clearly moving forward with the big picture in GA but has eyes on Upson. 

Congressman Ferguson remains engaged on both C-19 and FEMA relief as does Senator Kennedy and Rep. Pullen. We have a great relationship with these leaders which has been and remains critically important.

I don't know if you saw the FB post from Martha Anne on the EMA page but she did a great job putting things into terms we have here.

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