Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Police Misconduct Claimed

The Thomaston City Council has received notification of a potential lawsuit from a citizen who claims he was mistreated by police.

The letter alleges that Bridge Turner, 48, of Griffin Avenue was assaulted and illegally detained by officer Johnny Middlebrooks, along with other officers, without probable cause at Sidney’s Bar and Grill on South Center Street on April 30th.

At Tuesday’s meeting, on the advice of city attorney Joel Bentley, the Council voted to deny the claim and turn the matter over to it’s insurance carrier.

In the letter, Turner claims he has incurred damages both physically and mentally due to the misconduct of police. Turner was charged with disorderly conduct and public drunk but the charges were dropped by police in Municipal Court on June 8th.

According to the incident report, a Mazda was pulled over by police around midnight and the driver drove onto the parking lot. Police started to search the vehicle and patrons at the door of the business directed profanity at the officers. After they were warned, Turner was cited and taken into custody. A female patron told police it was not Turner who made the remarks, but a man who had already left.


  1. Get 'em Bridge!!! Most of em think they're above the law... Especially that Officer Josh Spellman... He has a horrible attitude... I've heard him say some horrible things that he does to people... Its about time someone stood up for theirselves!!!

  2. So thats what the city pays Bently for... To look at a case and say turn it over to the Insurance Co... Sounds like he's scared to try it.. And when the charges were dropped, they admitted that they were wrong, at least thats my interpretation... Get em Mr. Turner...

  3. Wow a 48 year old man yelling profanity at officers as they were searching a car!!! No wonder we can't have more places for adults to go and have a drink!! You people really don't think that is ok do you??? Maybe folks like this fella are the reason we don't have more places for adults to go and have a drink!!!