Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tax Equity Study

The Thomaston City Council approved a tax equity study to be conducted by Governmental Enterprises of Richmond Hill, Georgia at Tuesday’s meeting. The cost will be approximately $30,000 and the study will take about 90 days to complete. Mayor Hays Arnold said that City Hall is seeking equity and fairness in taxation. The mayor said the study is not a personal attack on anyone but an effort to get at the truth and obtain the facts.

Two consultants from the firm will review the city and county books looking at tax revenues and expenditures to arrive at their findings. City Attorney Joel Bentley outlined the two purposes of the study:

1. To eliminate duplication of services.

2. To prevent an overlap in taxes.

Attorney Bentley noted that the joint projects agreement between the city and county expired in March, it had been part of the comprehensive plan drawn up over a decade ago.

Mayor Arnold stated that he believes the county commissioners would support the city’s efforts. Such studies are common and only one has ended up in court, the city of Auburn, Georgia sued Gwinnett County.

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