Monday, February 1, 2016


Set to open this week, Upson Regional Medical Center's new cath lab.  The brand new 1.5 million dollar cath lab is equipped to diagnose blockages in both the heart and the legs, including the latest in treatment for leg blockages (peripheral vascular disease).  

Surgeon Robert Solyomvari, MD,  and Cardiologist Mark Dorogy, MD, are ready to lead an experienced team of technologists and nurses to provide outstanding diagnostic care close to home.

Low-risk catheterization and peripheral studies will be performed in the cath lab. One procedure, which is frequently referred to as a “cath”, is a diagnostic test used to find blockages. This procedure is called an angiogram (an x-ray of an artery) and should not be confused with an angioplasty, where stents are placed in the arteries to open blockages.

Through a small incision in the groin, a thin tube called a catheter is inserted into a blood vessel, which is guided to the coronary arteries of the heart. Once dye has been injected into these coronary arteries, the physician can see, through x-ray monitors, any blockages, their location and severity.

During the procedure, medication is usually administered for sedation and pain management. Upson's specially-trained and experienced cath lab staff are always available for continuous monitoring, reassurance, and skilled care.

Upson  also is equipped to provide peripheral vascular diagnostic tests such as abdominal aortograms, carotid artery angiograms, and additional angiograms that show blood flow through the arteries.

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