Sunday, May 1, 2011

Upson County Tornado Rated EF-2

The National Weather Service has released the preliminary report on the tornado that struck Upson County Wednesday night.

A National Weather Service survey team determined that an EF2 tornado with winds of 130 MPH crossed Harris, Meriwether, and Upson Counties Wednesday night. The tornado touched down 2 miles northwest of Pine Mountain Valley around 1150 PM EDT Wednesday night and lifted about 9 miles northwest of Thomaston along Highway 74 around 1225 AM EDT. The path length was 24 miles long with an average width of half a mile. Its widest point was close to three quarters of a mile along Highway 354 just north of Pine Mountain Valley.


The information contained in the report appears accurate up to the point where the tornado crossed Highway 74. The NWS report says nothing about the damage to homes in the area from Weems Road to Day Road and on Trent Jones Circle.

The following information was released on the Lamar County tornado also.

A National Weather Service survey team determined that an EF3 tornado with winds of 140 MPH crossed Pike, Lamar, Monroe and Butts Counties early Thursday morning. The tornado touched down at approximately 1238 AM EDT Thursday morning along highway 19 about 4 miles south of Meansville in south central Pike County. Three houses were destroyed along Piedmont Road about three miles west of Barnesville. Two fatalities occurred when a house was destroyed along Grove Street in Lamar County. A Chevron gas station and a church were destroyed in Barnesville. Three tractor trailers were blown off the road near I-75 at approximately 102 AM EDT. Three houses were damaged, one of which was destroyed. Three people were injured in the damaged house. The tornado lifted in southeast Butts County at approximately 115 AM EDT. The tornado had a path length of approximately 30 miles and a maximum width of six tenths of a mile.


Putting the two side by side shows that this was likely the same tornado. Put the north Upson County damage on the maps and the two paths join.


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