Friday, June 24, 2016


On June 12, 2016 at 1906 hours Officer Mathew Allen conducted a traffic stop on a red in color Nissan Pick-up truck and identified Robby Dale Garner operating this vehicle. Garner turned left onto Denham Street and drove at a slow rate of speed for approximately 75 yards and turned into the residence of 106 Denham Street where Garner stopped and exited his vehicle. Officer Allen escorted Garner to the passenger side of the vehicle and as Garner was looking for his Identification with his right hand Officer Allen observed Garner attempting to give a clear glass methamphetamine pipe to a male passenger. Officer Allen advised Garner that he was being detained and to place his hands behind his back and Garner attempted to pull away from the officer multiple times refusing to comply with the officers verbal commands. Garner was arrested and Officer Allen recovered a glass smoking device containing methamphetamine residue located inside the glass device. Garner was charged with Obstruction of an Officer and Possession of Methamphetamine with a bond set at $22,500.00 by the Upson County Magistrate Judge.

On June 22, 2016 Officer White Lawrence made contact with a male identified as Anterryious Ferguson, 17 of Thomaston on Fourth Avenue after receiving a complaint of this suspect attempting to sell prescription medication. Ferguson attempted to flee from Officer Lawrence and attempted to get into a vehicle. During the investigation Officer Lawrence recovered a pill bottle containing 20 of his mother’s blood pressure pills and 18 over the counter sleeping pills. Ferguson stated to the officer that he was going to sell the pills for extra money. Ferguson was placed under arrest and transported to Upson County Jail where he was charged with Possession of Dangerous Drugs and Possession of a controlled substance not in its original container.

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