Monday, January 25, 2016


  WEST POINT, GA – West Point Mayor Drew Ferguson announced today that he will be a candidate for the United States Congress representing Georgia’s 3rd Congressional District. “Washington is broken and as a small businessman I know that what our communities need from Congress is that they get out of the way and let us create jobs and economic opportunity for our citizens,” Ferguson said. “We are a conservative place, and I want to put conservative principles to work for the whole district like we have in West Point where we have cut taxes and utility rates while creating an economic development boom.” Biography of Mayor Drew Ferguson A. Drew Ferguson IV, DMD 1985&1988 Attended!University!of!Georgia 1988-1992 MCG,!Degree!in!Dental!Medicine 1992&Present General!Practice!in!West!Point,!GA Member!of!Western!District!Dental!Society Member!of!Georgia!Dental!Association Member!American!Dental!Association 1998&Present Adjunct!and!Faculty!member!of!Medical!College,!Georgia! School!of!Dentistry 1999 Secretary/Treasurer!Western!District!Dental!Society 2000 President!elect!Western!District!Dental!Society 2001-2002 President!Western!District!Dental!Society 1997-1999 City!of!West!Point!Board!of!Alderman 2003&2008 Capital!City!Bank!Community!Board!of!Directors 2004&2007 Lanier!Memorial!Hospital!Board!of!Directors 2004&Present Pierre!Fauchard!Academy!(An!International!Honor!Dental! Org.) 2005&Present International!College!of!Dentist 2006 Elected!into!Honorable!Fellowship!by!the!Georgia!Dental! Association 2008&Present Elected!into!Fellowship!of!American!College!of!Dentist

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