Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Press Release
Solutions Pest and Lawn

Solutions Pest & Lawn manufactures and distributes professional pest control products out of our Thomaston facility. 

The process begins with EPA approval for our formulations. Extensive testing and scientific research goes into getting each product approved to control listed insects. Our products are tested for safety, efficacy and residual control. We are strategically located 20 minutes south of the primary pesticide testing facility in the United States, Snell Scientific.

After approval raw materials are sourced from suppliers both locally and around the globe. Ingredients are blended together following the approved methodology and a finished product is tested before being packaged off into and use packaging destined for distributors and for shipment directly to consumers.

Our ecommerce division operates two websites selling directly to pest control companies and homeowners across the country.

Solutions sells excess capacity on our equipment to other companies in the pest control industry providing formulating, packaging, and shipping services.

“Locating in Thomaston has been extremely beneficial for Solutions Pest & Lawn”, said Solutions Pest and Lawn CEO Zach Colander. He added “it is strategically located for shipping and key suppliers and the city has been extremely accommodating throughout the search process. One of our concerns throughout the site search was personnel. Working with the development authority, Solutions has been able to recruit and develop a talented workforce that executes at a high level. The benefits that the Thomaston facility provides are a competitive advantage allowing Solutions to compete with and supply much larger companies.”

Kyle Fletcher, Executive Director of the Thomaston-Upson IDA, says “Solutions Pest and Lawn has been a great addition to our local industrial base. It’s exciting to see the facility so active and we look forward to the next phase of their production line. The incentive package for Solutions Pest and Lawn totals $150,000 over a 5 year period. There is a 5 year breakdown of the job creation and investment for each year. For year one, the job creation is 17 FT employees and a $3.2 million investment. The IDA partnered with the City of Thomaston for $50,000 and the IDA added $100,000 for this project.”

“We are excited to continue our investment into the City of Thomaston as we continue to grow our manufacturing and ecommerce”,  said Colander. We highly recommend the City of Thomaston and Upson County as an ideal location for any manufacturing or ecommerce business.

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