Friday, April 29, 2011

Notices From Spalding County & Griffin


According to the County Code, when a structure is demolished by an Act of God,
fees for permits to demolish, repair or replace the structure are waived as long as
an application for the permit is received within one year of the destruction.

A PERMIT IS STILL REQUIRED, but no fee will be charged.

As the result of this ordinance, anyone in Spalding County who needs a permit to
demolish, repair or rebuild their building will not have to pay any permit fee
between now and April 28, 2012.

Storm Debris:

Between now and May 27, 2011, Spalding County residents who have suffered storm
damage can put tree limbs, wood and yard debris on the right of way. Public
Works crews will haul them to the landfill, where the City of Griffin has
graciously agreed to waive all fees other than their costs as part of this program.
Crews will begin clearing this weekend.

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